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It’s Breakfast AND Biscuit Month! (Biscuits & Gravy)

Happy “eat all the carbs and don’t apologize for it” month! I LOVE breakfast. It’s one of my favorite foods to eat and […]

September 16, 2017 / Take a look

Naomi’s Nachos

My friend and food soulmate, Naomi Pescovitz is celebrating a birthday. I was lucky enough to join her on WTHR to make one […]

August 13, 2017 / Take a look

Pickled Watermelon Salad

I love the fresh produce of the summer. Being a southern girl, it was typical for me to jump in my grandfather’s pick […]

July 28, 2017 / Take a look

Peaches & Cream Cheesecake Cupcake (Happy Birthday Tanorria!)

I have a love/hate relationship with my birthday this year. I am not happy about turning a year older, but the thing that […]

July 15, 2017 / Take a look

Macaroni Salad (NOT Pasta Salad!)

I’m from the south, and I grew on macaroni salad. I get it–pasta salad is usually made with a noodle that’s different than […]

July 2, 2017 / Take a look

Apple Cole Slaw

Happy 4th of July! WTHR and I teamed up to give you some delicious 4th of July side dishes. Run to the store […]

July 2, 2017 / Take a look

Egg Salad

Okay, so you probably read the title of this recipe and immediately thought of the disgusting “slop” you get in the cafeteria lunch […]

June 18, 2017 / Take a look

National Cheese Day: Sweet & Savory Baked Brie

I love the fact that Naomi Pescovitz of WTHR and I both love food so much. There was no doubt in my mind […]

June 3, 2017 / Take a look

Strawberry Basil (yep, you read that right) Shortcake

I LOVE fruit and herbs together. I have no idea why, but they are so fun together! I teamed up with WTHR and […]

May 21, 2017 / Take a look

Gluten Free Fried Chicken

Someone I consider like the bread to my butter recently found out they have a gluten sensitivity.  So when Naomi Pescovitz, of WTHR, asked […]

May 6, 2017 / Take a look