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Shrimp “Tacos” (In Lettuce)

It’s National Fruit & Veggies Month, and I just completed the Whole30 program. I’m glad I chose this month because it allowed me […]

June 16, 2018 / Take a look

Mexican Shakshuka

It’s National Egg Day, and I had to come up with something different and delicious for you all. Eggs are one of my […]

June 2, 2018 / Take a look

Avocado Turkey Burgers w/ Grilled Pineapple

I teamed up with WZPL, Indy’s Mix, and the Indiana Turkey Farmer’s to give you a delicious summertime recipe with turkey. Most people […]

May 30, 2018 / Take a look

Jen’s Veggie Dip

One of my good friends makes my favorite dip for vegetables! I feel like I ask her for the recipe every year, although […]

May 23, 2018 / Take a look

Strawberry Salsa (with cinnamon sugar chips)

So I knew it was National Strawberry Picking Month in May and wanted to celebrate it when Alyssa Raymond and I worked together, […]

May 19, 2018 / Take a look

Avocado Hummus (Tahini Free)

My best friend, Jodi, LOVES hummus! Our group of girlfriends tease her about it all the time. It was actually in her kitchen […]

May 5, 2018 / Take a look

“Gourmet BLT”

I spend a lot of time making delicious food for others, but don’t often get to make amazing things for myself. I developed […]

April 12, 2018 / Take a look

Blueberry DUMP Cake

If you’re looking for a last minute Easter dessert, this is the one for you! It doesn’t take a whole lot of […]

March 31, 2018 / Take a look

Candied Bacon

This is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your breakfast, lunch or dinner. I love making candied bacon to use as […]

March 30, 2018 / Take a look

Deviled Eggs w/ Candied BACON

I love this time of year.  All of the ingredients are so fresh and so bright.  Deviled Egss are one of my favorite […]

March 29, 2018 / Take a look