Your Table

Erika Haverstick
After the birth of our first child, finding a way to get a meal on the table between everything else that needed to be done was a challenge to say the least. In desperation we would eat out because it was easy. Knowing that I didn’t want to feed my family cheap foods with questionable ingredients, I had to find a better way. That’s when I found Tanorria’s Table! She prepares healthy foods, that we can enjoy at home, made with quality ingredients. The best thing about it is, it’s totally affordable for my family. I will continue to look to Tanorria’s Table to fill in for me when I need it, and what mom doesn’t?
Janna Maitlen
Apple Brownie with Salted Caramel Sauce: “I want to this to be my last supper”
Scott Kuper
The meatloaf was so good, i wanted to rub it all over my face!
Kristen Lampkin
Hiring Tanorria’s Table was best decision I could of made, she takes load off for me. I was spending 4 hours every Sunday meal prepping, but now 4 hours back in my day. Plus my husband I have adapted to a healthier eating lifestyle, and we still enjoy our healthier meals because she truly seasons to perfection. Tanorria’s Table has been our saving grace with our weekly meals. I refer to her as flavor goddess, and I love the variety she offers and suggestions. My husband and I have been spoiled weekly by some fantastic meals from Tanorria’s Table. She is truly the best!
Kari Kuper
We have been fortunate enough to sample quite a few of Tanorria’s meals and have never been disappointed! Having a 3 month old baby and no babysitter made making my husbands birthday a challenge. But, Tanorria saved the day!! She worked with me customizing a menu of all of his favorite foods, did all the shopping and even gave him a cooking lesson as she prepared our meal. We had a gourmet dinner and special night all in the comfort of our own home. My kitchen has never smelled so amazing not any meal has been prepared in their like the one she cooked. I would highly recommend Tanorria to help make your stay at home evening into a special occasion and bring 5 star quality food right to your own kitchen table.
Lisa Husmann
After the birth of my last child I was showered with food which was a blessing all in it’s self. But to top it off lots of my friend’s meals came from the loving kitchen of Tanorria’s Table. My friends wanted to help me by gifting us food, but they didn’t want to shop, prepare, cook and clean up the mess themselves. (I don’t blame them, I’m not a cook myself). It was a pleasant surprise to me to get a dish from Tanorria and learn that I actually LIKED quinoa!!! Great Job Tanorria! Our families hearts and tummies were very happy! We also had an in home party where 5 of my friends were able to learn how to cook a whole meal start to finish. It was fun every step of the way. Tanorria had me open my horizons and try roasted sweet potatoes. YUMMY! And her Brussels sprouts are out of this world. SO GOOD that I went back for seconds!!! And the chocolate molten cake was pure heaven! Thanks for bringing a fun evening to my home.
Abbey Hall
We worked with Tanorria for a breakfast meeting with about 30 people in attendance. She did an amazing job and the food was delicious! I was excited that it wasn’t the normal continental breakfast with eggs and bagels. She created a variety of mini-quiches that you could tell were made with care and attention to detail. Everyone loved them! Very professional and easy to work with. She not only delivered, but brought all of the services items needed for the meal, which allowed us to focus on prepping for the meeting. Her price point was very appropriate. Would highly recommend her services to anyone!
Stacey McCreery
We love Tanorria’s Table. The food is always fantastic and her customer service is impeccable. She always accommodates our gluten-free allergy, and she is always so kind from start to finish. There is no other service we would trust out there for bringing our dinners to the table. We have absolutely loved every single recipe! We highly recommend Tanorria.